Would you like to know how to save money when buying wine? Have a look at our list of 8 tips! It might come in really handy right now – especially during this inflation period. Even the people who have luckily kept their jobs after Covid/War/Inflation/You-name-it, are not willing to splurge a lot of money. There’s way too much uncertainty… But still, you would like to enjoy a nice meal with a good wine, right?


  1. Choose your wine by the country of origin. Sometimes you can find convenient alternatives when buying vino from large wine producers, such as Italy or Spain, for instance. One of the nifty things about Italian wines is that you don’t have to break your piggy bank to drink something interesting. You can even find good ones under 10-15 Euros!
  2. Get off the beaten track. If you feel adventurous, you can try wines from areas that are less famous than others. Take Italy, for example: you may find a good wine in Marche, with an appealing price, without spending as much as you would on a Tuscan.
  3. Opt for Lesser-Known Grape Varieties. Explore lesser-known grape varieties and blends, as they can offer excellent quality and taste without the premium price tag. You might stumble upon hidden gems that become your new favourites! Opting for grape varieties with higher yields can help too!
  4. Buy your wine directly from wineries. This is my favourite tip! Saving money also depends on where you shop for your wine. If I have the chance, I prefer buying wine at the wineries. It’s always nice to exchange some words with the winemaker, to get to know their story and history, their philosophy! They’re often very pleased and willing to chat here. Well, I’m talking about small wineries, not mass-production ones. Furthermore, the prices are much more convenient, compared to wine shops. Your wallet will thank you if you pay a visit to your local vintner. Not to mention that some wineries are beautiful, encrusted in luscious nature.
  5. Wine comes in all shapes and sizes. Mind you I said I have said that you can save money when buying “wine”, not “bottles of wine”. If you buy bulk wine, directly from vintners, the price drops. Bring a wine demijohn and you will enough wine for a great party without spending a fortune! Wine bottles, the classic glass vessels, are not cheap. That adds up to the final price of the wine. Speaking of which…
  6. Choose Bag-in-Box. Now don’t think that you can only get cheap vinegar in this peculiar packaging. As a matter of fact, it’s a very cozy home for your wine and it’s easy to recycle! Together with that, the bag-in-box does not allow the wine to get in contact with air. As a result, the wine lasts longer – you don’t have to drink it all in one or two days. 
  7. Look for Special Offers and Discounts. Keep an eye out for seasonal sales, promotional offers, and discounts at wine shops and online retailers. Many stores offer discounts when you buy wine during special occasions, such as holidays or clearance sales. Signing up for newsletters from wine merchants can also grant you access to exclusive deals.
  8. Attend Wine Tasting Events. Many wine shops and wineries host tasting events where you can sample a variety of wines before making a purchase. This allows you to discover new wines and assess their quality without committing to a full bottle. Tasting events may also come with exclusive discounts on featured wines.

Do you ever buy your wine directly from wineries?