Welcome to Banana In My Wine!


  • Eating is a pleasure, not just a way to satisfy hunger
  • Certified newborn Sommelière in the “www” (world-wide-wine)
  • Simple English, simple concepts here!
  • I’ve put on weight – that’s part of the game
  • Points and scores and grades…I’m not a teacher or a rating company. There’s a whole lotta work (read “hard work”) on the backstage of the winemaking process and I believe one should respect that. It’s also a matter of taste – there’s some love-love kinda thing going on between me and german Rieslings or “passiti”, but others might hate it, so… Besides, it takes a LOT of experience (meaning you have to drink a lot too) before you can actually start labelling and rating wines, imo! And I’m not there yet!
  • Gonna be about liquids in general (well, drinkable ones…you know what I mean! Not gonna talk about wee-wee!). The main character here is wine, but some beer, tea and other pleasant-thirst-quenchers could pop up! But waaaaait! Once you start reading/studying things about wine, you also start reading/studying things about food…and then about olive oil…oh but there are cognacs too! Oh boy, do they go well with cigars! Cigars??? I don’t even smoke! But hey, I should try it to see how well they go together… You see? One thing leads to another, so don’t expect to just read tasting notes every single day here
  • A place to hold healthy (…and polite, please) discussions about wine & co. Studying and reading books is very nice. But you won’t get too far that way. You have to drink (aka tasting, not getting drunk!) a lot, read a lot, talk to people, meet vintners, listen to those who work in the wine-biz, exchange opinions, visit wineries, let yourself get hypnotised once you step into a vineyard…Kiss the grapes if you feel like it! (I might have done it in an emotional moment…)
  • A place to make new friends – yes, wine friends are nice to have, because they can actually understand and bear one’s consuming passion for wine; which is one’s recurring thought… *whistle*
  • Nationality: international. I speak different languages, lived in different cities, different countries. I’ve got a human body with the traditional five senses, so that’s all it takes to play the wine-tasting game.
  • I do accept wine samples and invitations to events, wine resorts, etc. – however, this shall not influence my final opinion regarding those when I post.
  • You don’t have to spend fortunes to drink a nice wine – you can find nice options that don’t go beyond 2 digits


Ok blah blah blah…Question! What’s up with the blog’s name? Why should a banana get in ur wine??? Didn’t you just say you were a certified-wine-whatever???

*astonished face followed by disapproving look*

You should know better!


Wait…! There’s a story behind it…


Thank you for reading!