Peaches are in season, so let’s go back to the thirties! Around that time, Giuseppe Cipriani, general founder of Harry’s Bar in Venezia (Venice, Italy), gave birth to a new delicious cocktail and in 1948, it was officially named Bellini after Giovanni Bellini, a 15th century Venetian painter. It seems like the cocktail’s unique colour reminded Cipriani of the colour of the toga of a saint in a Bellini’s painting.

When playing the barwoman/barman, make sure that everything (the glasses and the ingredients) is cold. The original cocktail is made with Prosecco and white peach purée, but as it’s not always available, you might substitute it with yellow peach.



  • 10 cl Prosecco
  • 5 cl fresh peach purée



You won’t need any ice! Pour the peach purée into a chilled glass (a flûte) and add the Prosecco. Stir gently. You can add a bit of sugar or simple syrup if the purée is too tart or a bit sour.


Tips for preparing the perfect Bellini

  1. Choice of Peaches: To make a delicious Bellini, opt for ripe and white peaches. These varieties can be found fresh in Italy from June to August. These peaches are juicy and have a delicate flavour, and their skin has striations ranging from white to pink – we do want a pale pink Bellini! These types of peaches are ideal as they are less fibrous and tend to be sweeter than the others, enhancing the overall taste of your cocktail.
  2. Blending Technique: When making the peach purée for your Bellini at home, using a blender is a convenient option, especially if you are preparing multiple servings. However, it’s essential to blend at a low speed and for a short duration. This prevents the peaches from overheating and maintains their fresh and natural flavours. Now don’t mention this tip to your purist or bartender friend, ok? You won’t get a nice answer, as the true official professional Bellini asks for white peach purée that is crushed by hand in a chinois! What is a chinois, you ask? Go for the blender, hun! ❤️
  3. Fresh Fruit Purée: While it may be tempting to use pre-packaged peach juice for convenience, it is best to avoid it. Instead, go the extra mile and prepare the peach purée using fresh fruit. By doing so, you ensure that your Bellini retains the authentic taste and quality, elevating your cocktail experience to a new level. Oh c’mon! I let you use the blender!!!
  4. Pitchers: Since you can whip up a big batch of white peach purée with a blender, this cocktail is perfect for partying with a pitcher of Bellini. Planning a weekend bash? You’ve got your go-to drink! I hope your friends aren’t teetotallers. Cheers and have a blast!



Variations of the Bellini cocktail:

  • when Champagne is used, it becomes Bellini Royale;
  • the Rossini is the variant with strawberries instead of peaches;
  • the Mimosa is prepared with orange juice;
  • you can make a Puccini with tangerine juice;
  • furthermore, the Tintoretto is prepared with pomegranate juice.