Summer, my favourite season! But it’s hot hot hot – so how to beat the heat? The scorching sun, the warm breeze, and the vibrant outdoors beckon us to enjoy the best that this time of year has to offer. And what better way to beat the heat than with refreshing drinks that quench our thirst and bring a sense of rejuvenation? Wouldn’t it be nice to sip some chilly lemonade or a citrus-flavoured soda? Summer classics, right? But why? Why is it associated with refreshment? The answer is: acidity!


The Science Behind Acidity and Thirst Quenching

On a hot day, as the mercury rises, so does the risk of dehydration. So how does your body tell you that it needs liquid? You get a dry mouth! But have you ever wondered why a sip of sour lemonade or tangy orange soda brings immediate relief and satisfaction? The answer lies in the power of acidity. When we consume sour drinks, the taste receptors in our mouth send signals to the brain, stimulating the salivary glands to produce more saliva. This surge of saliva not only moistens our dry mouth but also tricks our brain into feeling more hydrated.

Sourness and acidity have a unique ability to excite our taste buds, creating a refreshing sensation that leaves us feeling quenched and revitalised. It’s like a wake-up call for our senses, awakening them from the lethargy brought on by the heat.

Bonus points: citrus fruits are known for their digestive properties, and their flavours can help cleanse the palate and aid in digestion, providing a sense of lightness and refreshment after a meal. In addition to that, citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which is an essential nutrient that supports the immune system. Drinking citrus-flavoured beverages can contribute to overall well-being.


Cooling Down 

Now, let’s talk about those beloved summer classics that offer a perfect balance of acidity and flavour to keep us refreshed throughout the season:

  1. Lemonade: Your childhood favourite and the ultimate thirst quencher! Lemonade, with its zingy sourness, is a delightful mix of lemon juice, water, and honey. For a twist, try adding a sprig of fresh mint, basil or a splash of sparkling water for an extra fizzy kick.
  2. Iced Tea: A classic summer staple, iced tea offers a soothing blend of black or green tea, lemon, and sweetness. Opt for unsweetened or lightly sweetened versions to fully enjoy the refreshing qualities of this beverage.
  3. Fruit-Infused Water: Stay hydrated and refreshed with fruit-infused water. Simply add slices of your favorite fruits, such as watermelon, strawberries, or citrus, to a jug of water and let the flavors meld together. It’s a hydrating and vitamin-rich alternative to sugary drinks. Fresh sprigs of mint and cucumber slices are a good addition as well.

You don’t agree with me? It’s still hot hot hot and you think a chilly Coca-Cola is the best thirst quencher? Well, Coke has got a considerable amount of sugar and sweetness isn’t a refreshing flavour. The cold temperature and its carbonation do the magic, because they help covering the sweetness! Apart from that, Coke’s pH is close to vinegar’s.

And that leads us to white wine, which is a great pick for the season. Please don’t tell me you’re one of those people who say “Oh white wine isn’t wine!”. I’ve heard that from a famous sommelier once, who added “Wine is red, because even Jesus said so!”. I got quite gobsmacked. There, a wine guru stood in front of me, and I couldn’t believe my ears. This is like wine-racism! What has white wine done to you?!

I do like white wines and I think you can find lovely products around the world. The refreshing and crisp acidity of white wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc ❤️ or Riesling ❤️, makes it a perfect accompaniment to outdoor gatherings and light summer dishes. With a wide range of flavour profiles from green apple and tropical fruits to mineral notes, white wine offers a delightful array of tastes that celebrate the essence of summer.


Cheers to a Hydrating Summer

As the summer days roll on, remember that staying hydrated is essential. While indulging in your favourite sour and refreshing drinks, don’t forget to drink plenty of water too. Proper hydration is the key to beating the heat and enjoying all the joys that summer has to offer.

So, whether you’re clinking glasses with friends over a pitcher of lemonade, sipping on a citrus-flavoured soda by the pool, or embracing the elegance of white wine, let the spirit of summer guide your choices and keep you refreshed all season long.

You know what? I’ll go pour some Pinot Nero in my glass now. See you later! Santé! 🍹🌞